Student of the Month: June 2021

Farida Nossair - Student of the Month - June 2021

Farida Nossair

Farida is 10 years old and has been dancing for 5 years. She currently takes Level 3 Ballet twice per week.

Q:  Why did you start dancing?

A:  I started dancing because of all the things I learn out of it! It helps me gain flexibility, strength & passion. Since I started dancing at NLDC, dancing is something that I don’t want to stop.

Q:  What is your favourite part about dancing at North London Dance Centre?

A:  My favourite part of NLDC is how everyone works as a team and collaborates! I love the beautiful costumes, and all the friends you can make. Something that I especially love is how if you make a mistake nobody laughs but tries helping you become better!

Q:  What are your future goals with dance?

A:  My future goal is to keep going with dancing and have fun!

Q:  What has dancing at North London Dance Centre taught you?

A:  NLDC has taught me basically EVERYTHING I know about dance! It taught me never to give up, even if I’m still learning and that it’s not the looks that make me an amazing dancer. Its never too late to keep trying.

Congratulations, Farida, on being our Student of the Month. 

Keep up the GREAT work & happy dancing!