Student of the Month: July 2021

Taylor Passmore - Student of the Month - July 2021

Taylor Passmore

Taylor is 7 years old and has been dancing for 5 years. She currently takes classes in ballet, tap, hip hop, and acro.

Q:  Why did you start dancing?

A:  I would always dance around my house when music was on. I also really like figuring skating and Tessa Virtue, who danced.

Q:  What is your favourite part about dancing at North London Dance Centre?

A:  I enjoy learning new dances and the different moves in each of those dances. I have enjoyed meeting new people in my classes. My instructors are very nice and great teachers. They have taught me lots.

Q:  What are your future goals with dance?

A:  I want to be a famous dancer one day. I am going to keep working hard in all my dances and can’t wait to learn more!

Q:  What has dancing at North London Dance Centre taught you?

A:  Dancing has helped me be more confident. I have learned that practicing helps me get better each week and each year.

Congratulations, Taylor, on being our Student of the Month. 

Keep up the GREAT work & happy dancing!