Student of the Month: September 2021

Caitlin Caldwell - Student of the Month - September 2021

Caitlin Caldwell

Caitlin is one of our wonderful adult dance students and has been dancing for 17 years. She takes classes in ballet.

Q:  Why did you start dancing?

A:  I started ballet class as a child after trying a few other sports. I found it fun, and I enjoyed working towards my RAD exams each year and the end of year recitals. I stopped dancing as a young adult and started back with ballet about 5 years ago, after my children were born. Now I dance for exercise, mental wellness, and enjoyment!

Q:  What is your favourite part about dancing at North London Dance Centre?

A:  I love dancing at NLDC because of the faculty and my classmates. Classes are always fun and challenging. It’s lovely dancing in such a supportive environment. I was so appreciative to be able to continue classes from home during the pandemic lockdowns!

Q:  What are your future goals with dance?

A:  I hope I never stop! My goals are to continue learning and improving. I’m also looking forward to attending live performances as an audience member when we are able.

Q:  What has dancing at North London Dance Centre taught you?

A:  Dancing as an adult at NLDC has taught me to enjoy the little things. When you are a younger dancer, you are striving to leap higher or be more flexible. As an adult, you can delight in the details, listen to the music, and enjoy the movement!

Congratulations, Caitlin, on being our Student of the Month. 

Keep up the GREAT work & happy dancing!